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For Our Veterans

At Brave Tattoo Studio LLC, we hold immense respect and gratitude for our veterans. We are dedicated to giving back to the community and empowering our veterans. We are proud to share that when a veteran gets a tattoo with us, half of their proceeds will be donated directly to the local Fort Hall Veterans Organization. Join us in making a significant impact on the lives of our Southeast Idaho community members in need through their tattoo experience.

By choosing Brave Tattoo Studio LLC for your tattoo, as a veteran, you not only express your personal style and identity but also directly strengthening the Shoshone-Bannock Veterans Organization to help support our Idaho Community. Together, we can honor their sacrifices, celebrate their bravery, and ensure they receive the support they deserve. Join us in this meaningful cause and let your tattoo become a symbol of unity, strength, and community empowerment.

To see how you can contribute, visit:

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