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Embrace Your Story: Brave Tattoo Studio LLC

Douglas Broncho is a Honorably-Discharged Army veteran and a Shoshone-Bannock tribal member from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation located in East Idaho. He is following the path of his ancestors and culture. His ancestor who started the Broncho family tree is Broncho Jim, a "Bronco buster" and a army scout.

Douglas is a descendent of the Bannock warrior society.His family has lived in the Great Basin area for generations long before Idaho became a state and before his tribe was placed on the reservation. To be recognized as a warrior, Douglas enlisted in the Army after graduating high school and became a soldier for four years (2006-

2010) as a 14 Tango, Patriot Missile operator maintainer. As a soldier, his first general order is to guard everything within his post and quit his post when properly relieved. His dad installed in him that as tribal members, "We're stewards of the land". It resonates deeply to protect and serve our community members. As a Shoshone-Bannock Veteran, he practices his culture through ceremony like sweat and sun dancing. Through ceremony, he has learned to suffer in a good way and to send blessings near and far through prayer.

The business name, Brave Tattoo Studio LLC, reflects his patriotism, tribal membership, and tattoo business. Home of the Brave is the last four words of our national anthem. Douglas grandpa pointed out "Home of the Braves" is meant to honor our indigenous people. Lastly, clients must be Brave to commit to a tattoo. Suffer through ink therapy in order to gain strength and wisdom. Douglas goal is to empower clients but recognizes not everyone appreciates tattoo artwork. When the tattoo session is complete, he expects clients to stand up for themselves and let others know who they are. His clients are not pushovers or a frail human being. They are strong, proud, and brave. Rebels and not slaves.

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